Our Services

Private Group Crystal Bowl Meditation

$33 pp ($21 pp with 50 pax)  (Venmo below)

This inspirational guided vibrational meditation stimulates creativity, consciousness and a sense of well being.  Any negative situation can be altered through the power of positive collect thought.

Corporate Leader Analysis

$45 pp  (Venmo below)

Identify your creative employees with outstanding potential related to Research and Product Development, Finance, Productivity, Management and Sales.

Vibrational Therapy – Chakra Sound Bath

$162 for one hour treatment (Venmo below)

Utilizing Kirilian photography analysis of your bio-field (aura) & 7 energy centers (chakras), identifying personal blockages & applying vibrational therapy with 7 alchemical crystal singing bowls (includes before & after chakra analysis reports)

Spiritual DNA Chart™ Analysis

$33 for basic Chart or $66 and 1 hr in depth analysis (Venmo below)

In-depth analysis of the true you, referencing:

Divination – Your Birth Card Information
Numerology – Your Life Path Information & Compatibility
Astrology – Your Birth Chart

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              PayPal: oneyellowstar@gmail.com